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Dandelion Review Event results - Won a mouse pad


Notice at the site:

I can't believe that I won a mouse pad. I'm so happy! I wonder which mouse pad is it going to be? Aren't they all sold out? Now I have to wait patiently for 2 weeks for it to arrive. *sits near mailbox*

Though, I really wanted the Christmas CD the most because I need to know what happens after the endings of all the guys, even the Wizard!!!! I probably will just give in and buy it despite the shipping cost costing the same as the CDs. Boohoo. I did emailed them if I can combine the free mouse pad with the purchased Christmas CD to lessen the shipping cost. I would totally give in if I can.

Congrats to everyone else who won! I've been lurking around some Tumblrs, and saw that some of them won, too.

You know, this brightened my day up after learning that my younger brother is in the hospital with a collapsed lung. (I hope he comes home before the end of 2012.) I saw the Facebook post first, after visiting my brother. Then saw that people got an email through Tumblr users. :3
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