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My Thoughts on Jieun: Dandelion -Wishes Brought to You-

Decided to put my thoughts on the 5 guys, plus the Game, in separate posts. I didn't think I would type this much. D:

Jieun's the first route I played in Dandelion -Wishes brought to you-. He's the small, white rabbit. 

Desktop background of Jieun


I started with Jieun because he doesn't have a bad ending, and I wanted to get the feel of the game without a chance of a bad ending. First playthroughs lead a lasting impression on people, so I wanted a good playthrough.

Jieun is the youngest of the 5 being a teenager. Unlike other people, I didn't feel weirded out by pursuing someone younger than Heejung. Age shouldn't matter when it comes to love, right? Besides, my boyfriend is 2 years younger than me. Plus, Jiyeon and Jiwoo are younger than Heejung, too! 

I probably will replay Jieun's route just because I didn't fully experience every dialogue on all the dates and interactions during activities. Plus, he's my favourite! Yep, he is. And now with an understanding of the whole story of the "Game" and understanding of Jihae, I would understand Jieun's route more.

At first, Jieun doesn't say much, but as he falls in love with Heejung, he talks more and opens up to her. His character development, his understanding of Heejung's problem and his ending made his route my favourite. He's really adorable and seeing Heejung teach Jieun to be independent was heartwarming This tumblr retty much sums up a lot of my opinions on Jieun. Just scroll down to Jieun's review.

His character development was the best of all the guys because he changes so much. From being totally dependent on Jihae to being a strong person, fit to become king. 

Jieun also knows Heejung's problems and worries. I'm not sure how he knows, either because of his power of seeing the future or he's really sharp (EDIT: His intuition is good, we learned that during the blackjack game scene). Even though Heejung moved away from her mom to become independent, she continues to live the same life she had when she was living with her mom. The reason she does that is because she doesn't want to be left alone by her mom and society. Being alone is her biggest fear. But Heejung knows that living the way she does won't change a thing. So Jieun gives her courage to change. Seeing Heejung talking to her mom about wanting to study art after she graduates and living her life without her mom shows how Heejung grows as a person. Even in the ending, she becomes a successful artist, living alone, but doing what she loves to do.

About the ending, Jieun doesn't want Heejung to meet the Wizard, knowing that nothing good would come from it. Jieun knows that Heejung is strong enough by herself and he knows that the Wizard will only take away her memories. Instead, Jieun finds a way to bring Heejung to his world, his continent, Grass. Of course, Jieun stays as a rabbit because he is a king in the epilogue. In the ending, both Jieun and Heejung don't lose their memories and still can be together. Jihae's wish was granted because that's Jieun's wish, and he is also in Grass (though I'm not sure if he lost his memories or not).

The Wizard never does meet Heejung in this ending. He even says that this must be a true happy ending, leading me to believe it is... it is an actually happy ending. Not bittersweet. :) Though, not the TRUE ending. 

I'm just really sleepy right now, so I doubt my explanation on why I love this ending/route is understandable. I do wonder how the two can be together after the epilogue. They live in two separate worlds, and both have a life of their own. That is why I really want the Christmas Drama CD (stories after the ending). Out of all the guys, I really want to know what happens after the ending, but the price for the CD + shipping is too much for me. :(

Also, I cried when Jieun told her that he can't stay with her forever... So many tears were shed... I probably watched his epilogue scene 5 times already. It's makes me so happy. ^_^ And plus, he's so handsome in the CG (see below)!

All in all, I love Jieun's route, and really recommend playing his. Even recommend playing it first since it started the game nicely for me. Though, a lot of the "Game" story weren't really explained through this route because Heejung never met the Wizard.

Jieun's epilogue CG

EDIT: ewatching some of the memories of his, I remembered some things. Like how he is mature, despite his appearance. He's been through so much growing up with people's expectations of him becoming king because of the prophecy about a rabbit with white hair and red eyes who can see the future. Rabbits are calculating, he says, and he hates them. So he used Jihae as a shield, so he can, instead, go to parties and meetings in his place. Plus, he wasn't raised by his mother, because she was a maid in the castle, so Jihae raised him. Jieun has been through so much. It's heartbreaking...

With his intuition, he knows that Heejung is hiding a deep sorrow in her despite putting up a smile. And with his ability to see the future, he knows that Heejung will be able to find what she wants to do in the future and that she is strong. Plus, he knew about the Wizard before the game because the Wizard is a legend passed down by rabbits, so with his intuition, he knew that the Wizard has planned something with the "Game". That's why he prevented Heejung from meeting the Wizard by telling her that he will try to see her again when he told her he will be leaving one day (I guess he didn't break the Game rule because he never told her about his sudden disappearance). Though, out of the 5 guys, he has the most power, so it's kind of unfair for me to think that the other guys don't care about Heejung enough to stop her from losing her memories in their routes.

Still, I love his ending the best just because both Heejung and Jieun kept their memories AND continued with their lives. After 3 years, Heejung became a successful artist and independent from her mom. (To me, Heejung's fate is important. We're playing as her, after all! I want the best for the heroine, you know? In other routes, she loses her memories, and knowing that she has to start part of her life again when she kind of sorted it out already in the guy's route, makes me depressed.) And Jieun became a wonderful king. Independent, mature, handsome, and powerful. Just thinking that in the other routes, except Jihae's, Jieun started a new life in the human world with Jihae... It's sad. No character development at all... Wait. Isn't that the same for the other guys? D: Why can't I choose them all??? I want to save them from their fate. *sighs* Though, out of all the guys, choosing Jieun and saving him seems like the best because it affects so many lives, being the king and all. Plus, Jihae's wish is granted, and back in Grass Kingdom, though probably not with his memories intact. I think that is fine, since he is driven by guilt... 

Ugh, I can go on and on about Jieun. You know, playing Jieun's route first, Jihae's route felt bland compared to the other 4 routes I've played... maybe because I got a bit bored. Maybe because seeing Jieun made me forget about Jihae... or maybe because I already knew about Jihae's story through Jieun's route so it wasn't even a surprise to me. Or maybe because I got his bad ending first, and it left a bad taste in my mouth when I got the good end. Bah. I don't know.

*sighs* Jieun is so adorable, mature, understanding, supportive, and may even be a closet pervert. Hehe. How can you not love him? I wonder if Jieun being my first route skewed my opinion of him... Well, he doesn't have a bad ending, so choosing him means you will definitely have a happy ending with him as long as you don't get Heejae's ending. :P I do wonder why he doesn't have a bad ending. Is there a meaning behind that? Oh, and when I played the demo, I was actually interested in him first. 

Actually, now that I think about it, he's like Ren in My Forged Wedding. He is also quiet, talks with his eyes, a prince and a bit perverted in a good way. 

Just... gah! I really like Jieun so much! I must know what happens after the epilogue. Wahhh! *sobs sobs

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