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Otome Update - Dandelion, Flower Shop: WiF, Star Project, Be My Princess, Shall We Date?: Ninja Love

Just wanted to do a quick update with what I've been playing in terms of otome games.

First of all, Dandelion. I received a reply email saying that the event prizes were shipped via a different shipping method than the items in the store, so I can't combine my orders. :( Oh well. I just decided to just wait until later before I order the Christmas Drama CD... I kind of want to buy it off someone or just read other people's summaries/interactions about it. I just can't reason with myself to buy a $20 drama CD + $20 shipping. >.>

I also will complete my thoughts on the Dandelion characters in my review. Not sure when, though. I guess I'm just not too excited to talk about Jiyeon, since he is my least favourite.

On a random note, Jieun's been my desktop background ever since I completed his route. Because no one else became my favourite, I kept him there. :)


I also bought The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook game for half price because of a Christmas discount. It was shorter than I expected, and there are no drama. I'm been playing drama-filled otome games, that it felt really strange playing an otome with just fluff. It was a cute game, though it didn't stand out as much to me as other otome games I've played. I completed all the endings and none of the guys is my favourite. The routes I've played in order: Jacob > Steve > Ryan > Trent > Alone.

The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook

Another thing that felt weird is that each guy has two stats: a primary one that needs 80 points and a secondary stat that needs 60 points. But in order to raise the primary stat, you need to spend time with a different guy and the secondary stat is raised by spending time with the original guy you are after. So I spent more time with the different guy more than the guy I was after. XD I even saw all the cutscenes with the different guy, whereas the guy I was after, I missed one cutscene just because I didn't spend enough time with him. It just felt really weird.

The planting and making money was really easy once you get the hang of it. It felt like a filler gameplay more than being integrated with the story even though your job is working at a flower shop. I just think it wasn't really worth my $10... But I do admit the art is high quality.

For Star Project, I completed both Touya's and Ren's stories, and now waiting for Torian to come out. I can't believe it's been a year since I started playing this game back when it was still in beta. I actually like Touya more than Ren. Ren's story felt really strange for my taste compared to Touya... I guess it's all the k-drama, huh? Plus, Touya is more lovable. I like some tsunderes, but not all. And Ren wasn't my cup of tea. Though, knowing Torian being a strange character and being a ladies-man(?), I don't think he will be either. I dislike flirtatious types. I don't think I came across one that I like... (I guess Niina from TMGS3, but I don't really know him very well since I played in Japanese with very minimal amount of knowledge of the language) But, I'm still looking forward to Torian. I now have 2 slaves to pay for his contact. XD


I also just completed Wilfred's secret happy end (about time!). All those events really delayed the whole route, and I was getting impatient. Surprisingly, Wilfred is a likable character, though I can't seem to put him above Glenn as my number one spot in favourite princes in this game. :P The princess dress for his route in the above picture is pretty, too.


[Spoiler on Glenn&apos;s route (click to open)]I have a thing for childhood friend characters, despite they only meeting once when they were young. Still, Glenn was the MC's first love. <3 Though, I also really like Yu, Glenn's butler, so the route was just totally playing with my heart... Yu, of course, is the MC's childhood friend, having played together longer than Glenn has. Gah! I wish there was a butler route... :( But there are only events hinting at the love that Yu has for the MC.

[Spoiler for Wilfred&apos;s route (click to open)]Anyway, Wilfred was such a selfless prince. <3 Bounded by royal traditions, he felt trapped in his world. Even though he is smiling, it's just a mask, and underneath is guilt and loneliness. How he did everything he could to get his brother, Stephen, with Cecile, was really selfless. The contract thing was very intriguing when I first played his route, and being pretend lovers made the MC and Wilfred a lot closer together. I felt that they had a lot of chemistry. Claude was just a meanie for most of the route until the end where he helped the MC and Wilfred to be together. Plus, the whole proposal scene... aksjfsdkfsdf. It made my heart thump like crazy. And just the small bit of sexy time they had, it was, well, sexy. Them falling off the bed the next morning with the MC on top of him... I wish he commented about her being on top, naked. :P But it was funny, nonetheless. Still, the whole cheesy-ness of the writing... it's kind of funny. But sometimes, seeing it put into words is like a whole new viewpoint of my own relationship with my boyfriend. 


Though the last premium gacha item in the last gacha set... gave me so much trouble! I had like 120,000+ gacha points, and then went down to 80,000. I saved getting it for last at the end of the epilogue, just in case my free spins get me it. It drove me crazy because I used up all my hard earned gacha points just for ONE item! And then when I was getting to bed, I spun it one more time on my phone, instead of on my laptop, and I ended up getting on my first try. What the heck!? Oh well. I was just glad to complete all of Wilfred's gachas.

All in all, I liked the route and Wilfred as a character. I guess he is second in my list. Not sure where Kieth belongs, though. Getting only the secret normal end for him was a let down. >.> Now I resetted my game back to story level 1, so I can try to get Roberto's secret happy end. I just hope the glitch on his compatibility doesn't happen to me. 

I also started playing Shall we Date?: Ninja Love. There is a 40% off on some of NTT Solmare's games, and from what I read, this is the best of all of them. So far, I've played Kotaro's route got the happy end and started a couple of chapters with Saizo. Through Kotaro's route, I just love the MC! She is so awesome!

[Spoiler on Kotaro&apos;s route (click to open)]She stands up for what she believes in by speaking her mind and taking action, escapes the enemy by jumping into the river, slaps one of the guys when he was being unreasonable to her, learns how to use a gun because she wanted revenge for Kotaro's sake, and even used it at the end of the route, saving both her and Kotaro from the enemy. She doesn't just sit around, waiting to be saved. She takes actions, despite being the Ninja Princess. I just loved Kotaro's route because of her! Well, Kotaro was also awesome. I guess I like the quiet types. :P 

He actually reminds me of Jiyeon: not wanting to get closer to the MC because he might hurt her like when he did in the past to someone else. Though, I think he handled it a lot better than Jiyeon did. -_-

I was really impressed with Kotaro's route. Very much so. This MC has went into my list my favourite otome heroines/MC. Even more than the MC in Love Letter from Theif X. Hitomi from Love Revo is in a class of her own, though.

But now playing through Saizo's route, him being sadistic and mean... well, I just can't stand him being so mean to the MC! The MC here is more clumsy and seems more dumb, probably because of Saizo being insulting. >.> But I'm only in the first few chapters. Hopefully, both gets better. Still, the MC takes action in this route: trying to stop some troublemakers from harassing a pregnant woman and an old man, learning to throw a shuriken because she wants to defend for herself! Geez, Chizuru from Hakuoki could learn from this woman! They are both pretty much in the same shoes. Despite both women being afraid of seeing the guys killing all these people, which makes sense, at least the MC in Ninja Love speaks her mind about it and even try to defend herself.

Gah! I'm talking more about the MC instead of the guys. XD I think I'm in love with her more than the guys, too. Gosh, save me. XD 

I could take some insults from mean guys like Takuto from Love Letter from Theif X since he is hilarious when he throws insults, it's just too silly. XD Plus, the MC in LLfTX responds really well to his insults. But Saizo's words really hurts: talking about how flat-chested the MC is, being stupid, being slow, being a trouble maker, being fat, the list goes on. I had to show some of his insults to my brother when we were on the bus, leaving from the hospital (he finally gets to go home after 5 days! I was so worried), telling him never to say these things to a girl. I just hope Saizo becomes nicer to a MC later. He did say he had no interest in women (and men), so I wonder what will happen when he starts falling in love...? *laughs evilly* 

Anyway, I'm done writing about my otome adventures. It's nearly time for my love passes to fill up in BMP and MSB, too. And boy, my sleeping schedule is messed up. I had an all-nighter last night, but fell asleep around 4pm and woke up around 1:30am. Now I'm here. Will I ever be able to get my sleeping schedule back on track before the next school semester starts? Hmmm...

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